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Quadratic Approximation of Cubic Curves

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A simple degree reduction technique for converting piecewise cubic splines into piecewise quadratic splines that maintain parameterization and $C^1$ continuity.

Nghia Truong, Cem Yuksel and Larry Seiler
High-Performance Graphics 2020


We present a simple degree reduction technique for piecewise cubic polynomial splines, converting them into piecewise quadratic splines that maintain the parameterization and $C^1$ continuity. Our method forms identical tangent directions at the interpolated data points of the piecewise cubic spline by replacing each cubic piece with a pair of quadratic pieces. The resulting representation can lead to substantial performance improvements for rendering geometrically complex spline models like hair and fiber-level cloth. Such models are typically represented using cubic splines that are $C^1$-continuous, a property that is preserved with our degree reduction. Therefore, our method can also be considered a new quadratic curve construction approach for high-performance rendering. We prove that it is possible to construct a pair of quadratic curves with $C^1$ continuity that passes through any desired point on the input cubic curve. Moreover, we prove that when the pair of quadratic pieces corresponding to a cubic piece have equal parametric lengths, they join exactly at the parametric center of the cubic piece, and the deviation in positions due to degree reduction is minimized.


Paper: (preprint, 10MB pdf)
Code (github)
Windows binary


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WebGL Demo

* Left mouse drag rotates the camera
* Right mouse drag translates the camera
* Mouse wheel zooms in/out
* S toggles smooth camera navigation

* This WebGL demo requires WebAssembly-capable browser with WebGL enabled and may not work correctly in Firefox.
* The blue spheres are the control points of the cubic Bezier curve and red spheres are the control points of the approximated quadratic Bezier curves.
* The blue control points (spheres) can be move around. Just click on them, and some handles will show up that allow translation.



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Nghia Truong
Nghia Truong
(Trương Trọng Nghĩa)

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